A0123 Do It Yourself Tender/Contract Pack



Our latest PREMIUM pack is designed for business owners and individuals looking to write Tender responses and secure contracts for their business. All documents are designed in Microsoft Word and are easy to edit, update, or add extra information to fit with your business or tender documents such as RFO, RFQ or RFI.

Pack Contents
1x How to Obtain a Security Contract Tutorials

1x Security, Crowd Control and Mobile Patrol SOP

1x Anti Slavery and Trafficking Policy Manual
1 x First Aid Stock List
1 x PPE Stock Register
1 x Company and Management Profile
1 x Proposal-Capability/Introduction Letter
1 x Safe Work Management Systems Forms (SWMS)
1 x Hazard and Incident Reporting Procedure
1x Mobile Patrol Pricing and Quote Templates
1 x Employee Records Form
1 x Tender Cover Letter
1x Procedure to Deliver on Contract/Tender
1 x Health and Safety Training and Induction Manual
1 x Security Customer Service Training and Induction Manual
1 x First Aid Training and Induction Manual
1 x Employee Timesheet
1 x Online Incident Report Form
1x Documents edit instructions manual

To learn more about why you need these documents and their uses, please click on this link.
For new or established companies looking for basic DIY tender documents that will make things easy for them to write a Tender submission on their own and win a contract.
Extras: Please email us at info@securityconcepts.com.au to let us know if you wish to add any extras after purchase.
To post hard copy: $120-$350 extra.
To help you edit these documents based on your specifications: $199 extra.
Extra Requests: Please send us an email if you require a customized document combination that we don’t have listed on our shop/packs!

Business Development Advice
If you purchase this pack, you will be eligible for our Master-Class Business Development Advice-Guidance for your new or established Security Services Company for an additional $370 (for on the phone + email coaching advice, for 2 days per week for 2 weeks). Originally Valued at $550.

This Business Development Guide focuses on the following:

1.       Being Tender Reader for Contracts

2.       Checking how SEO-Digitally Ready is Your Business Website Is

3.       Strategies to Increase Traffic and Clients to Your Business

4.       Website Contents Check

5.       Compliance and Relevant Security Documents

6.       Review of  Your Past Strategies and Advice for Improvement

7.       Business Diversification Strategies

8.       Business Expansion or Shrinkage Strategies

9.       Recommendations for Business Growth

10.     Listen to Your Concerns

11.     Pricing Structure and Strategy

12.     And many more

Note: If you are only looking for Business Development advice without buying this pack, then send us an email at info@securityconcepts.com.au. You will have the pay the above full price.