A0129 eBook (PDF) Security Book/Manual (Security Adventure Service)



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Wanting to learn what security officers go through daily at work? Then this book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the intrigues, challenges, and adventures that security guards experience at work. This book contains real-life security experiences, stories, and a practical guide of what makes a successful security officer. Do you want true security officer stories? Then buy a copy of this book, with an instant PDF download to read!

This is a practical, educational, fun-to-read security officer book. It can serve as an educational and interesting book, a training manual, or a standard operating order for your site security and crowd control officers. This book also contains real-life security stories to help your security employees learn how to deal with customers, emergencies, conflict, etc.

This book is highly recommended for; security managers, security supervisors, security business owners, site security guards, and crowd controllers, especially in retail shopping centers, loss prevention, hospitals, and hospitality.
Note: This book is also recommended for individuals who have no prior security experience or background. The practical guide, duties, responsibilities and true stories of the security officer experience captured in this book will help the reader to have a better understanding of :
• How to treat your security services personnel
• Managing your security personnel ethically
• What it takes to be a security officer
• How to manage your security officers
• How the security guarding industry works
• How to motivate and reward your security officers
• How to avoid the negative pitfalls that affects the site security team
• Delivering customer service in an emphatic and yet security way
• Careers that security personnel can pursue by using their security experience

Table of Contents:

Story – Chased by Armed Robbers
Chapter One
Journey into Security
Story – Train Trip and Fined Before Work
Chapter Two
Working on a New Site
Story – Resign Intimidated, Return to Conquer
Chapter Three
Customer Service
Story – Bully Patron and the Ex-WWE Star
Story – Returned the Next Day Wearing Stolen Clothes
Chapter Four
First Aid
Story – Wait for Police to Get Your Items Back
Chapter Five
Security Officer Communication
Story – Taking My Car Rego
Story – Ice Addict had to be Lobbed Outside
Chapter Six
Dealing with Cronyism (Workmate Sucking Up)
Story -Threat to be Assaulted Backfires
Chapter Seven
Restraining Asphyxiation
Story – Drunken Manager Fighting Patrons
Chapter Eight
Standing up for Others
Story – Threatened but I Wouldn’t Back Down
Story – Homeless and the Blanket
Story – Phoney Homeless and Liquor
Story – Confronted by Racist
Chapter Nine
Dispute Resolution
Story – Who Owns the 50 Bucks?
Chapter Ten
Respect for all Employees, Customers and Clients
Story – Thief Almost Tasered Me
Chapter Eleven
Right Attitude Will Take You Places
Story – Arrive Early or Meet Pharrell Williams
Chapter Twelve
Presentation, Exercise, Personal Hygiene
Story – Stole, Eating with Family After
Chapter Thirteen
Shift Work and Night Shifts
Chapter Fourteen
Dealing with Trauma, Injuries and Grief at Work
Story – Stabbed with Screwdriver
Chapter Fifteen
Retail and Security
Story – Thief and a Con Artist
Story – The Day I Felt Like Quitting
Chapter Sixteen
Officer Pay and Entitlements
Story – The Undesirable Haircut
Chapter Seventeen
How to Lose Your Security Job
Story – Security Officer Coming to Steal
Story – Employee Loses Her Job for Stealing
Chapter Eighteen
Be Ahead, Study More
Nugget and Story – Playing on the Psyche of the Offender
Chapter Nineteen
Life Outside Security

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