A0130 Staff News Media/Social Media and Code of Conduct Policy



This Employee News Media/Social Media and Code of Conduct Policy document (over 1500 words) serves to provide your employees and contractors with clearly written laid down rules and expectations that guide your business and client’s operations. This policy document intends to point out certain listed unacceptable behaviors and conducts that won’t be tolerated by the employer and at the client site.
This is a must-have policy document for any security services company or any business that wants to protect its brand and reputation and at the same time help your employees know how to conduct their professional or personal life without damaging the employer’s reputation.

Some Examples of Policy Contents
Response to a media interview request
Confidentiality and Company Intellectual Property
Conflict of Interest
Use of Social Media
Media Interview
Bullying, Sexual Harassment
Appropriate use of company uniforms and equipment
Employee Names, Sign, and Date
Code of Conduct

To learn more about why you need these documents and their uses, please click on this link.

Helps guide and protect your business against unacceptable behaviors from the employee. Helps educate your employees of the expected behaviour standards while with your client or under your employ.
Helps your business HR, Management, or Legal department have a referral document when dealing with Employee Appraisal, Termination or Work Place Mediation, and Litigations.

  • You don’t want your employees to give ‘Press Interviews’ on your client or business behalf?
  • Or you just don’t want your employees to talk too much?
  • You want your employees to know the right words to use when ambushed by the Press?
  • Then get this document to help your employees, client, and your business work and operate within your company rules and protect your brand!

Additional Uses:
Single or Dual Policy: You can choose to edit, remove any part of this policy document and use it as a single document (i.e. use as Social Media Policy stand-alone document or leave it as it is).
Ensure you read this document carefully and make sure the policy wordings do not breach any known applicable laws that guide your business operations or your worker’s rights.
Usage Method: You can incorporate these Policy Documents into your worker’s Employment Letter or Standard Operating procedure or use it as it is.

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