A0135 Modern Anti Slavery and Trafficking Policy




0118 Modern Anti Slavery and Trafficking Policy

About the Document
This document provides your business with a standard policy outlining the education of every employee about adhering to the Modern Anti Slavery and Trafficking procedure of your workplace that is in line with the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 and United Nations Human Rights Impact Assessment.

This policy document helps your business to train its staff to work and operate ethically; while engaging with your customers, sourcing for products and suppliers, and making sure every aspect and relationship of your business does not in any way support any form of slavery or trafficking.


Why You Need This Document
–               Win contracts! Most businesses will only engage with a supplier that has ‘Modern Anti Slavery and Trafficking Policies’ in place

–               Continuous improvement and training of your employees to operate an ethical business

–               Helps your business understand steps and procedures to stop Modern Slavery and Trafficking

–               Be ahead of your competitors by having set systems in place that helps you operate a humane business

–             Helps your business understand how to take remedial or disciplinary actions against any employee or supplier who is non-compliant with Modern Slavery and Trafficking legislations

–             Peace of mind of your client; they will know that their business brand is safe while engaging your services or products


Country/Region Use
This is a world-class design policy and procedure document; with Australia as a foundational reference but, designed for global workforces and practices.

Note: You might need to add/replace a couple of lines with your State or Country terminology or legislation (it will take you a few minutes to do so, after reading through)


This document comes in Microsoft Word, professionally designed and easy to edit/customise to meet your business, state, and country standard with ease.

Instant download of documents and easy access to edit according to your specification; only if you choose to, or you can use it just as it is.

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