A0133 Advanced Security Company Business Plan



Advanced Security Business Plan

This is a more highly  Security Business Plan (compared to 0116) SWOT, Scope, Financial Forecast, KPIs, etc. This business plan will help a new start-up have a basic idea of what their business should aim for or look like. It’s also easy to edit to fit in with other/original plans you have in mind.


This business plan is designed specifically for new security businesses. This can serve as a compliance document to be used for security license applications, bank loans, immigration employee sponsorship, and grant applications.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents. 2

About  3

Management Structure/Organisation Chart. 4

Mission Statement. 5

Vision Statement. 6

Start-Up   6

Business Grouping. 6

Main Clients  6

Business Funding. 7

Marketing/Promotion. 7

SWOT Analysis/Competitors. 10

Estimate Turnover: 12

Business Location. 12

Staff Recruitment. 12

Employees  13

Number of Employees to be Employed: 13

Procedures to Check Licenses: 14

Training and Supervision/Payments/Credit Policy: 14

Review    16

Licensing Application: Our SOPS and Business Plans have been used by numerous security businesses for Security Licensing in Victoria and around Australia with a 99% success rate.

This document is in Microsoft word and very easy to edit (20-30 minutes) to add or remove details relevant to your business or services.

Ensure you add the exact security activities and services that your business will be offering when editing the business plan (Suitable for Licensing Applications for CIT, Electronic Security Installer, Manpower Security, Bodyguard, Armed Guard, K9, Investigations, Security Services, etc.).

Please email info@securityconcepts.com.au to let us know if you wish to add any extras after purchase.

Security Business/Master Licenses Application or Security Company Business Development (upon request after you purchase this document).

We can help you edit this document to match your business specifications (limits apply): $70 extra.

  • If you are applying for LRD Security Business License, we can provide you (upon request) with ‘ Employer Responsibility’ and ‘Newspaper’ add template free of no cost!

 Labour Hire Licensing: This security company business plan complies with Victoria Labour Hire Authority Licensing

  • If you require a specific document, update, or edit that is not listed here, please feel free to send us an email!

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