A0137 Shopping Centre Security Guard Standard Operating Procedure




This Shopping Centre Security Officer and Loss Prevention Standard Operating Procedure are one of the most comprehensively written retail security SOPs that you will find anywhere in the world.

Written by security managers who have walked and worked the work in some of Australia’s most iconic and busiest shopping centres.

This retail security operating procedure has over 6,200+ words, covering virtually every operational procedure of retail security.


This document covers the work and operational procedures of the following retail security employees:

–          Shopping Centre Security Officer

–          Retail Loss Prevention

–          Retail Store Static Security Officer

–          COVID Marshal


This retail security standard operating procedure is professionally written from the first-hand experience of our retail security expert, who also authored this retail security book in 2018, “Security Adventure Service.”

The content of this standard operating procedure is designed to deliver quality material, with the best learning experience that excites and enriches the retail security and loss prevention officer!

Written with bright graphic art, that is engaging and makes learning more interesting for your retail security personnel!

Please see the product gallery photo for a full table of contents and a sample copy of this document!


Who Needs This Document?
We strongly recommend this operating procedure for the following:

–          Shopping Centres

–          Retail Store Owners or Managers

–          Security Business Owners

–          Loss Prevention Managers

–          Static Retail Store Security

–          Retail Staff [Yes, your retail staff will learn new loss prevention techniques from this SOP]

–          Retail Security Supervisor/Managers


Why You Need This SOP
–          To improve the quality and service delivery of your retail security team

–          Learn new advanced techniques to improve the safety of your patrons, staff and contractors

–          To induct your retail security staff

–          Win shopping centre and retail stores security and loss prevention contracts/tenders [for business owners]

–          Reduce shrinkage at your store

–          Drive down your insurance cost; by reducing complaints against your security and cleaning staff


  • This document comes in Microsoft word; once you purchase it online, you get to download it within one minute
  • Easy to edit, you can edit this document within five minutes [adding your business, store or centre details] and its ready to use
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–          Commercial Cleaning Operational Procedure


If you require bespoke Security SOP written for your site or staff, please send us an email for a quote: info@securitycocepts.com.au