4DM Consulting Services will engage the client one or all of the following:

  • In business license/registration set-up
  • Assisting in the application process for the Security Business License
  • Security Business Registration Application
  • Consulting Subscription Services (which may include tender writing, tender review, SEO copywriting and other services listed on our website, marketing sales forms etc.).


Free Complimentary Perks:

 Some of our services may also come with the following free complimentary

  • Security Consulting Services (including creating of Website, 3-12 Months Free iStaff Manager Workforce Software Subscription)
  • Security Startup Business Support:
    • Security Master License Application Support
    • Creation of website
    • Free Security Compliance Documents Pack 0106
    • Free Security Consulting and Coaching Support for 3 months After License Approval (if required)
    • Security Master License Application Support.


Payment Plan:  4DM might enter a payment plan with the client for installment payment or discount payments . These installment payments which shall not be more than 4 installment payments, which shall be  fully paid within maximum 6 weeks  the commencement of first payment installment.  The payment could be made via our bank accounts, or paid via credit card. We do not accept cash payments. Each payment deposit receipt must be forwarded to our email accounts@4dmconsultingservices.com.au.  

Our Responsibility: 4DM Consulting Services will act as a consultant to the client, to provide to the best of our knowledge, based on prior and proven experience in security business setup, advise, HR services, sale of compliant documents, company set-up registration and licensing. We will do all our best to see our client achieve the most satisfying results possible.

Responsibility: The client is liable for every information that is in the application process, and the client confirms that all information provided in the business or security license application is true.

Guarantees: 4DM Consulting does not issue a security business license, as it is the responsibility of the State or Territory Police or Ministry of Justice, and such license is only issued based on the information provided by the client and at the discretion of the Licensing Issuing Authority.

Cost: The client is liable to cover cost such as; Newspaper advertisement[VIC only], Accountant cost (for Evidence of Financial Viability [VIC only],  and suitability reference), ASIAL registration, public liability insurance, Work Cover, application fees, Police Certificate and Fingerprint fees, Master License Fees, etc (Australian and overseas if they had lived overseas for at least 12 months in the past 10 years). We may offer a discount to the client and make a payment on any part of the process; the client will be duly informed when such discounts or payments are offered. 

Where down/instalment payment is agreed on, balance must be paid before hard copy application submission  is made and not later than four [6] weeks from the date of the first payment instalment. Failure to make final payment within the specified period will incur an extra 3% surcharge per week on the total balance payment or cessation of the application process without any refund issued as to the cost of service provided. If you are unable to make final payment within 6 weeks, we may consider extending the term of payment only when a written request prior to the four [4] weeks expires.

Referee: It is the responsibility of the client to find a suitability reference that they have known for up to 12 months to sign their documents; such reference could be, medical doctor, accountant that they have known for more than 12 months.

Refund: 4DM Consulting will issue a refund of 60% where our error or mistake caused the licensed application to be denied (only when refused for re-application). 4DM Consulting will not issue refunds if the license application is declined or suspended due to the client giving misleading/ inaccurate information, has got a prior conviction or criminal records, or has been bankrupt in the past and that makes them ineligible to hold a security business license or manage and operate a business in Australia.

Further Refunds: for purchase of any uniforms or workwear that has defects, or damages or incorrect order; 4DM offers full refund, but purchasers must cover return postage fees.

Video call meeting: The client is likely to be required to attend a video [Skype, Zoom or Google Meets] meetings as part of the application process, for certain registration submission that requires such.

Business Development Consultation: 4DM Consulting will offer the client business development Consultation advice and support during the application process and 3 months after their License has been approved by Licensing issuing authority.

Privacy: All information and records of the client will be protected by our privacy policy (please refer to our website). In a situation, 4DM Consulting Services Pty Ltd creates a website for our client; we may indicate ‘created by Security Concepts Consultancy [SCS] or 4DM Consulting Services’ in the footer of the client website. We may also display the client website on our website for marketing and promotional purposes.